Food fight

the abundance guy - listening to your body

Lately I have felt a little off. I”m not sure if it”s lingering from the holidays, having lot”s of friends visiting lately or processing all the energy that seems to be speeding up in and around me.

Anyway, I noticed that I have been out of some of my regular routines, including my personal goal to blog once a week. Coming back into my routines feels much better, though at times it”s seems like two steps forward and one step back. After taking two steps forward, last night, I guess was the step back! I had a bit of a fight with my kitchen, or really with the food in it. It was one of those nights that no matter what I ate, I wasn”t satisfied….Huge bowl of popcorn, bowl of frozen mangos, healthy Oreo”s, chips and salsa, some nuts, ect. This battle with the kitchen lasted for a couple of hours and when I went to bed my stomach was uncomfortably full and my mind was not very kind to myself. I heard things like, “you should know better, why didn”t you stop at the popcorn?, it”s not good to eat so much, ect.” Being in a practice of “watching” my thoughts I did sneak in a few positive thoughts as well, but the negatives ones were way more dominate.

Interestingly, when I got up in the morning this quote from Ester and Jerry Hicks was waiting for me to read.

“Cravings are going to occur to you. So here”s the rule of thumb about eating, or about investing in the stock market, or about anything else: casino If the impulse comes from a joyous thought that feels good, follow it. If the impulse comes from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad, don”t follow it”

It reminded me to pay attention as I get the cravings and make sure I have my intuition turned ON as much as possible. Yesterday, in the early evening, for example, I had just gotten a massage. Could I have asked my body in the moment, what it wanted? Was some nutrient depleted? Was I really thirsty, not hungry? Did I just need an evening of comfort food without guilt?

Being more conscious around those cravings by investigating or listening to myself more. Of course, there are a lot of emotions and feelings around food, but can I trust that if I could just stop and take just a few seconds and listen, to myself, my body, I do have the “right” answer for myself in that moment? This listening is a practice, so I tried not to get too caught up on over eating and was open to looking for the positive in last night. I found a few things, with the big one being that it motivated me to write this blog!

Another step forward…….

How closely are you listening?

the abundance guy - listening - listening closely

I received as a gift recently a book called “Five good minutes with the one you love” (Brantley & Millstine). I like its format of “100 short practices to deepen & renew your love everyday” put in a very simple and easy way. They give a short description of a topic regarding relationships and then give some suggested steps towards improving and/or renewing it. I have read and played with a few of them and find they can be used in most of our relationships. So far, from the ones I have read, the common theme I see is to be mindful or present with who you are with. This is easier said than done. For example, how many of you while on the phone are practicing multi tasking? While talking, are your checking emails, organizing, cleaning the house, driving or making something in the kitchen? How about the classic of talking to someone and at the same time looking who’s on Facebook or Skype to talk/chat with? I have my hand raised for all of those, except, cleaning, which I avoid, unless I’m REALLY avoiding doing something I need to do!

Are we really listening while we are multi tasking or carrying on 3 conversations at once? Are we sometimes craving to be heard, but do not listen ourselves?

Their practice on this subject, number 35, is titled “affectionate listening”.

They offer – How often is your attention elsewhere when your partner is speaking?
A deeper connection and more joy are close at hand when you replace inattention with affectionate listening.

They give these steps to practice:

1. When your partner is speaking to you, notice where your attention is. Notice also any feelings of impatience or mental “stories” that may be going through your head. Acknowledge them and let them go.
2. Take a moment to breath mindfully for a few breaths.
3. Set your intention. For example: “May I be more present for him”
4. As he speaks to you, focus mindfully on the sounds. Notice tone, pace, and volume, as well as meaning.
5. Look more closely at him. If you are on a phone, close your eyes and picture him.
6. As you listen, let gentle feelings of warmth and affection flow within you.
7. Let attention and affection guide your own words in response.

I like this practice as it brings us back to connection, being present with someone. I think if we were more present, that phone call might not need to last as long so you would not feel like filling the “space” doing something else at the same time. Of course, if you not able to be present in the moment or only have a certain amount of time to be present, communicating that to someone is just as important. For me, this builds relationships in a clear, conscious way.

Vitamin D – could it be a key to overall health?

The abundance guy - vitamin d

There is so much try this and try that in health these days it can be difficult to know what to do or try to improve your health. I consider myself very healthy and I’m still always open to new ways to improve. I have been playing with Vitamin D in two forms (sunlight & supplements) over the last few years and I’m starting to think there maybe something to increasing my levels of vitamin D in effecting my overall health as the article below suggest. I have noticed in the last two years I have not gotten my normal cold or two during the winter. Of course, this is far from scientific, but I think increasing my Vitamin D supplements during those times out of the sun has helped.

The below article on vitamin D is from Dr. Mercola who is an alternative thinking doctor that I have been following through his free emails for seven or eight years now. I have found his information helpful and another source to standard medical approaches.

Discovering more from your passion

The Abundance Guy surf video

Surfing for me is one of my passions and a great way for me to have fun, relax and enjoy the ocean. It is also a challenge and its been fun to push my comfort zone at my own pace.  I love the anticipation of riding a wave, the camaraderie of other surfers and, of course, the riding of the wave.  Growing up in the US Midwest there was not much chance to surf, so it wasn’t until I started spending time away from some of the Breckenridge winters that I began to surf.  It has to be one of the hardest sports to learn as there are many different phases to surfing. However, once I glided along my first wave, I was hooked.

It’s also a sport where I’m continually learning and progressing, like life.  It’s a good thing this sport is on water for the number of times I have fallen!  Surfing is definitely one of those sports that has a correlation in life for me in that when I “fall” there is always an opportunity for growth!  My challenging times in life have definitely been where I have learned some of my best lessons, though it sure didn’t feel like it at the time!  Like surfing,  falling with some awareness gives me some information that I can use to adjust or correct for the next wave……I was too far forward on my board, my timing getting on the wave was off, my turn on the wave was too slow, ect. I made this surf video mostly for me to have a record of my surf progress.  However, I thought you might like to see my passion in action and also see that though I have come a long way in the last few years, I’m still falling and getting back up again!

“Everyone shines bright when riding high on the crest of a wave, it’s when things go wrong and we wipe out that we learn the most gaining courage and real strength along the way.”




How to make Ceviche with your friends

Ceviche picture - abundance guy video

Here is a recipe for a fun and abundant experience…..

1. add two friends to your kitchen one with a knife and one with a camera
2. add a new meal to your life ….change is as good as a holiday they say….
3. add in fresh ingredients that will add micro nutrients to your body, release some of the stress we put on our digestive system and therefore make us feel lighter and freer
4. add fresh air, great view and sunset?? to further make the body feel great!

I think around the world most people seem to end up in and around the kitchen……. I guess, that’s where the food is! However, it also a social gathering place for family and friends. This ceviche recipe on the video is a good one to get people involved in the kitchen as there is a lot of potential chopping help.

Hope you enjoy!




Shifting your perception to create change

Abundance guy - changing your perception

It seems that most people look for the negatives in life or focus or what’s missing. I believe this will keep you stuck or in a “negative” cycle. I believe by shifting to a  focus on the  “positives” you have and being grateful for what you currently have breaks this “negative” cycle and starts creating more abundance. As you are creating more of what you want it is important to keep your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned towards what you want. This can be easier said than done. However, with awareness of what you are thinking, feeling and doing, aligning your thoughts, feeling and actions towards what you want becomes a practice and easier and easier with time.

I can say this is true for myself. I live half the year in Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is a small town with only a couple of thousand people. Meeting people with my similar life style and beliefs, living here on a part time basis, in the past, has been challenging at times for me. I can sometimes get caught up in negative thinking, “there is no one here like me”, “Breckenridge is too small”, “I’m lonely here”, “I can’t meet new friends”, etc. This can last for a few days sometimes and then I catch myself and apply my own practices. I first can turn around my negative thinking into positive just by saying things like, “it’s easy to meet new friends” or “I’m always in touch (connected) to people”. This can get you going in the right direction. Apply that “fake it until you make it” philosophy if you have a hard time believing your positive statements at first. To me, a belief is just a thought you keep on thinking, so if you have a negative belief you want to change, why not choose to keep on thinking a good one a create a new “better” belief!

Another practice is that I can acknowledge the wonderful friends I already have (even if you only have just one or two, the evidence of one means that others are possible), how they add value to my life, how they are similar to me, etc. This acknowledgement is very important and not meant to be just a one time thought. My belief, is what you focus on expands. So, if I have a practice of daily gratitude of the friends and their wonderful qualities I have NOW, I know that focusing on what I have will grow and my “job” is to let go of the outcome and keep the practice alive. Practicing this, in my experience, I have sometimes had new friends come into my life and sometimes my change has been deepening the friendship I already have with current friends, both of which are great.

Both of these practices work in other parts of life as well. Have a “problem” child? Focus on the aspects of your child you like and watch them grow. Your husband doesn’t compliment you the way you like? Try when you get a compliment, affirming that you really like hearing from him when he likes something and thank him for noticing it. This takes practice, I believe, daily or as frequently you can to change YOUR thinking. Be gentle with yourself, this doesn’t have to be so hard. Make it a game. Start with small steps.




Heading out to relieve stress

Adundance guy - dealing with stress through exercise

Playing out in nature has been apart of my life since I was a child. I was fortunate as a child to have woods out my back yard to roam and play in. From feeling my hands in the dirt to playing make believe, nature was grounding, expansive and full of freedom for me. Many years later, it still is that way now. When my mind get busy, I like to go for a walk or a bike ride outside to clear my head and get some clarity. At times, it just relieves some stress or allows for a bit more clarity on how I am feeling and what i am thinking?

Also, exercising outside is great as there are less distractions. Try leaving the Ipod/i phone at home if you heading out for a walk or jog. Try notice any differences?  Sure is nice “disconnecting” from everyone else sometimes in this “connected” world and just being with me. For me, I can sometimes get too “connected”  with other people and tasks that need done and and I begin to loose my connection to the more important things. Nature is one of my re-connecting zones.

I am fortunate where I live, nature is on my doorstep, so its harder to make excuses to NOT go outside. When I have lived in cities, it can take a bit more effort. Though, sometimes I even will “make” myself take a step outside and just take a few breaths when life is so busy or I’m feeling low in energy.  Just a few breaths outside will release some stress.   Sometimes a few breaths will turn into walking around the block and more stress reduction or a reminder how awesome and beautiful nature is.   A tree, a flower, the sky, the smells, colors, ect. Its all there whether in the city or country.

So take your time to appreciate nature through my eyes, I decided to take you out with me on one of my latest bike rides……just sit back watch and notice how your body reacts or how your breathing pattern changes by just watching this video…..feel better? imagine this was you……your chance……just one thing – go for it!

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Fall colors in Breckenridge – video

Abundance guy aspen fall colors breckenridge

I took this video on my way back home from lunch nearly a month ago. I’m in the heat of Cabo now, so the mountains feel pretty far away right now. However, I really love watching this as it was like a mediation as I was filming it.  Watching the video and seeing the bright Aspens of that fall day and listening to the music is like a short 3 1/2 minute meditation now. A simple mental time out.

The various curves in the road, like thoughts coming and going. We can’t control the curves in the road or our thoughts, though we can learn to control how we react to them. In meditation, the practice of coming back to the present moment after a thought is a normal and some say necessary part of meditation. Of course, a peaceful drive in the country is not always possible, however, use my video for that peaceful drive if you need one. Take a couple of deep breaths and grab the wheel.


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Need some inspiration?

Abundance guy videos - Aspen trees in fall

Take a few minutes to watch this. Kinda makes a few casino spiele

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problems I have seem less important!


You have the power to create

This is a short quote from some of my authors, Ester and Jerry Hicks. They are masters in reminding us that we can create what we want in life through a mix of aligning our thoughts, words and actions towards a desire or goal. This is a lot easier said then done some times if you really pay attention to all your various thoughts, words (what you say) and actions on a subject. We often can contradict ourselves, which I feel makes what we want keep from coming.

We say positive things about a goal or desire, but we think or act in a opposite way. Like the “thought bank account” I describe in an earlier blog, we want to build a “bank account” of pokie online positive thoughts, feelings, speech and actions towards our desires. We can actually practice, seeing, feeling, tasting our desires coming into fruition before they come. I believe this alignment is the key – Fill our positive ” thought bank account” and our desires will come!

“There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before it”s manifestation and then joyously watch the unfolding as, piece by piece by piece, it begins to unfold. That”s the feeling of your hands in the clay.”

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, August 18th, 2001 # 186