Working hard versus working smart

I grew up conditioned from my family and my investment profession that made me believe and choose that working hard work was the way to get ahead.  Other messages I heard or experienced was that hard work was honorable and necessary to keep my job.  Advancement and more money only came from hard work. I have to work harder than the person sitting next to me, ect.  I didn’t know any better at the time and fell into some of these patterns.

As I mentioned in the “who am I?” tab in the website, I did have an event that triggered me to wonder where the balance was in working long hours. I then thought working smarter made more sense. I focused on what I really wanted to do and where my skills were best utilized, I then noticed what things that didn’t fit into my plan and eliminated them which lead to me being much more productive. I had a lot of improvement in my balance in life with working “smarter”. With the extra time I had, I added daily practices like mediation and exercise and interestingly, my business actually grew instead of shrinking.

I noticed when I truly looked at what I wanted and not the beliefs or opinions of others I could stay more focused and centered. Conversely, when I forced something to happen I usually was left drained in some way, emotionally, physically or mentally. While I might of had more money in bank account after that forcing, I certainly had less balance in my life. So, keeping myself aligned and centered helped me be more aware of opportunities that in the past would have been obscured by the frantic pace of life at that time. Now, I move with the opportunities and put my attention, focus and energy into the ones I resonate with. Some call it going with the flow, a term that can sometimes bug me, but I do agree it is easier to paddle downstream than up! We all have experienced when things are going smoothly, there is an effortlessness to them.   Things seem to just fall into place or flow easier. Working “easier” seems better to me than working hard.  It was through reprogramming beliefs that no longer served me that allowed this shift to take place..

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