Feel better by shifting your focus from problems to solutions

Focus on solutions instead of problems - Abundance Guy

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”


Read this quote somewhere and reminded me that when we are in our problems we are often focused so much on them, that our thinking becomes self fulfilling……Focus on problem, the problem remains, gets bigger or more problems surface…..When we are stuck in/on the “problem”, we are in the “energy” or thinking of that problem. We think over and over about the problem.  Play it over in our mind, again and again, I believe staying in the “problem energy”.

Let’s say we have a problem with a person that “created” a problem for you. What someone said or did. Staying in what was said or done, will not change anything of course. What was said or done is over and in the past. Talking consistently about it will only keep you in the situation of the past. That situation has an energy to it, like a vibration, and I believe affects not only your thinking, but your body and its health and vitality. Think of the difference you feel and your energy you have when you have a pleasant conversation versus an argument. One you feel fresh and light and the other drained, sometimes physically AND emotionally.

I Kinda like to think that each old thought of this “problem” as you are bring it (the thought of the problem) into the present like an anchor. Having to bring the thoughts (the anchor) of the past forward into the present. If we had no judgement on the issue, we would just move on, right? But, sometimes we instead carry the burdens of the past forward or we choose to be right versus happy and free. We love to blame things on others, it’s easy, their not there to speak the other side, so we talk about how THEY have affected our lives. It’s their fault. Of course, this gives our power away as now the problem can only get fixed if someones else does something. Good Luck on finding long term happiness when others actions determine your happiness!  I get caught up on that one personally sometimes. Also, we can be often be just unconsciously stuck in negatively. I occasionally see people that seem to like stress and negativity over peacefulness, almost like an addiction, without being aware of it.

In situations like I’m describing are conscious, we know where the “problem” came from, however, there are also unconscious thoughts and beliefs that we have built up over the years that we are repeating. It’s like we are in a circle or whirlpool that can be difficult to get out of without a new way of looking or thinking about the problem. Sometimes these “circles” can last for a long time, a lifetime, dragging the negative energy of the past into your present moment. In my breath work, I see this all the time. Energy that is stuck from old issues, literally stored in the body, even though the “mind” thought it has cleared the problem. The breath is just one tool that can help move this.

Another simple one, is to focus on solutions. Forget the past (easier said than done with our egos), and just focus on what you need to do NOW………..I am not saying to suppress or not feel emotions. Expressing emotions are healthy, getting stuck in those, in my opinion, is not. My view is, let your emotions move and complete and move on. I believe that can start by just the focusing and thinking about the solution over and over. Solution, solution, solution……Just that shift in awareness alone is so powerful. Maybe it will take some small steps to get started towards an eventual solution. I believe ANY small step can get progress flowing in the right direction.

I have a friend that had some health issues in the past and I always admired how she refused to see herself as “sick”. She focused on the solutions to her “issues” even when it was and sometimes is challenging for her when solutions were foggy. Among other things, she is just repeating to herself, “I am healthy”, over and over, again and again. She continues to improve to this day even though doctors do not really know what’s “wrong” with her. Our thoughts and actions are so powerful!

Like anything else its a practice and my clients and myself find we just feel better when we focus on the solution.




Big breath = Big Life

Want to change your life?

Discover the power in your breath.

That may sound like quite a statement, that discovering the power of your breath can change your life. However, I know from personal experience “learning” how to breath “better” myself and from 10 years as a facilitator and trainer of the Transformational Breath system it can and does. I have seen major life changes occur or begin to occur, a letting go of major traumas in an hour or two, a reduction in pain in the body or the elimination of it and just more joy over and over again in myself and others.

I have gravitated toward the Transformational Breath system in my life as I feel it’s been the most comprehensive system of the various breath modalities I have tried. It’s a balance of working with the physical body, the mental and emotional part of us and the spiritual side. Simply, we learn and practice bringing more air (life) in the body through this simple yet powerful technique. As we do that we are able to clear out what’s been in our mental “closets” for a long time, often without knowing what was in your “closet”. That’s great for me since I never did like to clean my room, let alone any closets! The result of a breath session is usually a greater sense of peace and connection to greater things.

I feel honored every time I’m able to share this trans-formative work. I love tools, like this one, that are simple and after you get the basics down, you can do by yourself. So, self healing, in a time, when we look for healing so much outside of ourselves for the answers within.
Transformational Breath is the fastest growing breath work on the planet right now and I’ll promise you, one of these days, you will hear about it on Oprah! Until then, you can read more about it at transformationalbreath.com.

My plug for my favorite breath work aside, there are many ways to open and practice breathing more fully. My invitation to you, is to find one that resonates and do it. There is just something so powerful yet simple about changing the way we take in our more important resource, our own breath, and so much growth available to us when we expand our breath.

Being thankful leads to happiness

Well, I’m getting caught up on some of my emails and videos that we all seem to get around holiday time and wanted to share one. If you have 14 minutes there are some nice messages in here on the concept I guess we all know that gratefulness leads to happiness, not the other way around. I just think I/we forget that a lot of the time.

For the A.D.D. crowd, go to about 8 minutes in as David kinda sums up a nice grateful practice. I really like part of that where he describes we would all be more grateful if we installed stop signs in our life’s to be more present.




10 Things Happy People Do Differently

Read this article and I thought I’d pass it on. I always like simple thoughts and lists, so I can take a small step in some way by looking at one of the points. For me, I’m going to look at more things around me and smile more today.
10 Things Happy People Do Differently August 20 by Scott Christ


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

-Dalai Lama

Think being happy is something that happens as a result of luck, circumstance, having money, etc.? Think again.

Happiness is a mindset. And if you’re looking to improve your ability to find happiness, then check out these 10 things happy people do differently.


1. Happy people find balance in their lives.

Folks who are happy have this in common: they’re content with what they have, and don’t waste a whole lot of time worrying and stressing over things they don’t. Unhappy people do the opposite: they spend too much time thinking about what they don’t have. Happy people lead balanced lives. This means they make time for all the things that are important to them, whether it’s family, friends, career, health, religion, etc.

2. Happy people abide by the golden rule.


You know that saying you heard when you were a kid, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Well, happy people truly embody this principle. They treat others with respect. They’re sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other people. They’re compassionate. And they get treated this way (most of the time) in return.

3. Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff.

One of the biggest things happy people do differently compared to unhappy people is they let stuff go. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. Happy people realize this, are able to take things in stride, and move on. Unhappy people tend to dwell on minor inconveniences and issues, which can perpetuate feelings of sadness, guilt, resentment, greed, and anger.

4. Happy people take responsibility for their actions.

Happy people aren’t perfect, and they’re well aware of that. When they screw up, they admit it. They recognize their faults and work to improve on them. Unhappy people tend to blame others and always find an excuse why things aren’t going their way. Happy people, on the other hand, live by the mantra:

“There are two types of people in the world: those that do and those that make excuses why they don’t.”

5. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people.

happiness surrounding

One defining characteristic of happy people is they tend to hang out with other happy people. Misery loves company, and unhappy people gravitate toward others who share their negative sentiments. If you’re struggling with a bout of sadness, depression, worry, or anger, spend more time with your happiest friends or family members. Chances are, you’ll find that their positive attitude rubs off on you.

6. Happy people are honest with themselves and others. 

People who are happy often exhibit the virtues of honesty and trustworthiness. They would rather give you candid feedback, even when the truth hurts, and they expect the same in return. Happy people respect people who give them an honest opinion.

7. Happy people show signs of happiness.


This one may sound obvious but it’s a key differentiator between happy and unhappy people. Think about your happiest friends. Chances are, the mental image you form is of them smiling, laughing, and appearing genuinely happy. On the flip side, those who aren’t happy tend to look the part. Their posture may be slouched and you may perceive a lack of confidence.

8. Happy people are passionate.

Another thing happy people have in common is their ability to find their passions in life and pursue those passions to the fullest. Happy people have found what they’re looking for, and they spend their time doing what they love.

9. Happy people see challenges as opportunities.

Folks who are happy accept challenges and use them as opportunities to learn and grow. They turn negatives into positives and make the best out of seemingly bad situations. They don’t dwell on things that are out of their control; rather, they seek solutions and creative ways of overcoming obstacles.

10. Happy people live in the present.

While unhappy people tend to dwell on the past and worry about the future, happy people live in the moment. They are grateful for “the now” and focus their efforts on living life to the fullest in the present. Their philosophy is:

There’s a reason it’s called “the present.” Because life is a gift.

So if you’d like to bring a little more happiness into your life, think about the 10 principles above and how you can use them to make yourself better.

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Spiritual versus Material

I read this quote below the other day and really liked it. Being a closet (or out of the closet) hippie sometimes, I can be around a lot of spiritual people both friends and teachers. I sometimes see some of them as believing the “material” world as bad or less important than the spiritual world. I agree in some ways as our western cultures can sure get out of balance on the material side of the equation. However, I do disagree with the “material world” is wrong, bad or inherently evil as a message I sometimes feel or hear coming from some that have a stronger spiritual side. My Abundance Guy experience says often people’s conditioning around money or value system of themselves has a great deal of impact on how one looks at the material world. Let me say, that I am far from being on a high horse here, as one of my life’s growth opportunities has been learning that “I am good enough” from conditioning I had growing up. So, how much “negative” conditioning around money is available to be seen or experienced, well huge, right?

For me these days, I’m agreeing more with the author below that we are spiritual beings in a human experience. This human experience is a physical dominated experience. We are not flying around like angels right? (well most of us are not). Maybe, eventually, we will be flying around earth like angels, but until then, why not live fully in both “sides” by accepting the “material” part in us and create it how we desire individually, not how society, what our parents said or I say it should be. A good gauge is to check your stress level around your “material” world. Of course, as that related to money, high stress can be with no money or millions. Financial STRESS and FREEDOM doesn’t discriminate by the size of a bank account!

Also, I’m all about changing to think more globally or collectively when it comes to a lot of things, both spiritually and materially. Though, I’ll add, we can really never see the world exactly how another sees the world. Our view of the world, through our unique eyes and experiences is really the only one we can truly have. I believe there is more choice in how we look at things than we sometimes think. In my “material” world, I see lot’s of healthy examples of balance and positive change!


Here is the quote:

Spiritual versus Material are not the choices. Everything about this physical manifestational experience is spiritual. It is all the end product of spirit. You have nothing to prove. Be the spiritual you and create like a physical fiend.

— Abraham

Money thoughts

I’m posting 30 days of comments about money on my Abundance Guy Facebook page. Here is one from today.

Work with a lot of pep’s these days that do not like rich people for various reason’s. What sometimes happens is if you do not like “rich” people for some reason and you are working on becoming more wealthy. Your mind may have a disconnect in “allowing” you to become your version of rich because you don’t want to be that rich person that happens to be a jerk. So, your “mind” keeps you in lack in order to not become a jerk…. So, I usually invite clients to see the good, or just one thing good in rich people. This can soften the mind to allow you more expansion around others wealth and can led to your own wealth expansion….kinda of a mouth full, but if this feels right to you try it, it really works.

Do you like what you do?

Seems like I have been talking to a lot of people these days who are wanting to make a change in their life’s. Lately, its been in their work situation. They seem to know they want to do something that is deeper, adds more value to others, is simpler or just is more satisfying.


I understand this. I have been in the investment business for about 30 years and though I enjoy helping people save for college, to buy a home or retirement, these activities usually take many, many years. So, seeing my success or satisfaction in helping others, in the end, can take decades sometimes. What I love about the Abundance Guy business, that I have been involved in in its different forms over the last 9 or 10 years has been that I find much more satisfaction and it happens faster. Sometimes individuals I work with, have dramatic shifts in their outlook on life, their abundance or their happiness in a very short period of time, sometimes in an hour! This is awesome! At the same time, I wouldn’t change my past, even if I could, as the money business taught me about how to help people with their relationship to money. Thirty years of being around people and watching their ways of being around money I feel like I have earned my psychology degree a few times over!

Well, this transition into a new area of work has been a process for me. Actually, one small step at a time. About 10 years ago I read a couple of books that got me thinking and stimulated this passion for this work I didn’t realize I had and it has been one step at a time ever since. I’m still tweaking this. I have a new goal now that I made a three year plan for and I’m breaking that bigger plan into smaller parts and then smaller parts and smaller parts and so on until I can actually do something…….anything that moves me towards that goal. When I go through this process with others, really ANY small step is progress. I think we all at times, just want to get to our goals NOW, but I have found it just doesn’t normally work that way. Certainly, that patience necessary has felt frustrating to me and others at times. Shifting the frustration to action has helped me. I ask others, “what is one small step you can do today, right now, to move towards your desires?” Sometimes, it is a simple as starting a file to put all your thoughts into, writing a sentence or two a day on what you want. I had a woman recently just commit to her desire in one moment as we were talking and things just seemed to fall in place for her naturally from then on. She didn’t need the more analytical “planning” way that works for me sometimes. She also put aside, as much as she could, her negative talk to herself that she couldn’t, shouldn’t do, ask for or have her desire. That is HUGE! We all know we can beat ourselves up way more than anyone else can.

So, I’ll ask of you if you have a burning desire for something. What small step can you do now towards the desire or goal. If you need some help, give me a call, that’s what I do. However, I feel each of you have the answers to what your desires are and how to move towards them if you can get your own thinking (or over thinking) out of the way. My dad often said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I think that was and is sound advise. What small step or small change can you do now?


Choose Happiness

happiness is your choice - the abundance guy

My friend Steve and I are writing a book on happiness. The idea blossomed out of our frequent conversations about each others life’s and wanting to share some of the lessons we have had and are still learning. The bottom line of the book is that each of us can choose our own happiness. Think about that for a second…..you can choose your own happiness! I think that statement alone some people can get stuck on. There is usually a huge list of things that “need” to be done (if only’s) before happiness comes. If only, I had more money, I could do this or that. If only, my partner would do this or that. If only, my kids were better at or more like this or that. If only, people would appreciate me for this or that. If only, I met somebody, lost so many pounds, had a better job, had more friends, could exercise more, my family would listen to me, ect, ect, ect…….THEN, I’d be happy. Any of you, like me, had any of these thoughts play over and over in your head at times? We sure are tough on ourselves!

Then” is not now and with some people’s “if only’s”, happiness may never come. Of course, a lot of our “if only’s” can not be controlled by us. This is madness, because we are then waiting for someone else to do something before we are happy. Sound familiar? Sound crazy when you really think about it? What if that other person does not want to do what we want no matter what we try (and we try a lot)? It’s easy to feel powerless and depressed in this scenario.


We have found that taking the small step of just deciding that we want to be happy can start an amazing change. Our belief is we do NOT have to wait for any of our mental lists we have going for ourselves to be complete. We can choose, right now, to be and feel happier. We are in control of this, not someone else.

My dad said to me often, that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. I feel that is true, as deciding and choosing to be happy involves thinking newly to the situations you have in the past given your power away. I could write a whole book on this topic (couldn’t resist), but how about try being yourself and worrying about what others think.  If you can master that one alone, your world will change. How about slowing down by taking a couple deep breaths before you respond in charged situations or if you find yourself getting caught up in negative thinking. Practice small steps…….Can you find what’s working in your life now? Can you find some acceptance of yourself? Can you find some beauty in the world around you? Some joy? Can you turn a frown into a smile? Can you just be in the present and not fight what is?

That is my practice and I do mean practice as I get knocked out of happiness all the time. I’m getting better and I catch myself quicker than in the past and from falling from higher “levels” of happiness. So, if your happiness meter is a bit low today, it’s your choice to keep it there or move it higher!

happiness makes you feel alive - abundance guy


Shifting your perception to create change

Abundance guy - changing your perception

It seems that most people look for the negatives in life or focus or what’s missing. I believe this will keep you stuck or in a “negative” cycle. I believe by shifting to a  focus on the  “positives” you have and being grateful for what you currently have breaks this “negative” cycle and starts creating more abundance. As you are creating more of what you want it is important to keep your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned towards what you want. This can be easier said than done. However, with awareness of what you are thinking, feeling and doing, aligning your thoughts, feeling and actions towards what you want becomes a practice and easier and easier with time.

I can say this is true for myself. I live half the year in Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is a small town with only a couple of thousand people. Meeting people with my similar life style and beliefs, living here on a part time basis, in the past, has been challenging at times for me. I can sometimes get caught up in negative thinking, “there is no one here like me”, “Breckenridge is too small”, “I’m lonely here”, “I can’t meet new friends”, etc. This can last for a few days sometimes and then I catch myself and apply my own practices. I first can turn around my negative thinking into positive just by saying things like, “it’s easy to meet new friends” or “I’m always in touch (connected) to people”. This can get you going in the right direction. Apply that “fake it until you make it” philosophy if you have a hard time believing your positive statements at first. To me, a belief is just a thought you keep on thinking, so if you have a negative belief you want to change, why not choose to keep on thinking a good one a create a new “better” belief!

Another practice is that I can acknowledge the wonderful friends I already have (even if you only have just one or two, the evidence of one means that others are possible), how they add value to my life, how they are similar to me, etc. This acknowledgement is very important and not meant to be just a one time thought. My belief, is what you focus on expands. So, if I have a practice of daily gratitude of the friends and their wonderful qualities I have NOW, I know that focusing on what I have will grow and my “job” is to let go of the outcome and keep the practice alive. Practicing this, in my experience, I have sometimes had new friends come into my life and sometimes my change has been deepening the friendship I already have with current friends, both of which are great.

Both of these practices work in other parts of life as well. Have a “problem” child? Focus on the aspects of your child you like and watch them grow. Your husband doesn’t compliment you the way you like? Try when you get a compliment, affirming that you really like hearing from him when he likes something and thank him for noticing it. This takes practice, I believe, daily or as frequently you can to change YOUR thinking. Be gentle with yourself, this doesn’t have to be so hard. Make it a game. Start with small steps.