An exercise in abundance

Draw a circle. List all the areas or aspects of your life. Makes these pieces of the pie or like spokes on a wheel of your circle. Things like, finance, health, romance, family, work, ect.

I like to call this your abundance wheel. Now rate these from 1(lowest) to 10 (highest) on how complete or abundant you feel in that particular area. Want to work in an area of your life? This is an easy way to see where you are today. Choose one area and decide to do something today NO MATTER HOW SMALL to moving forward in that area. If you want more friends, call the ones you have, look in the paper/online/message board somewhere for groups you could join that have your interest. Remember, JUST looking counts. If that’s too big of a step (usually you will know if it is, because you can’t seem to do it), break it down into smaller ones. How about just say to yourself, ” I want to have more friends” or write that down and say it everyday for a week or a month. Then, do the next step towards that goal.

My dad often said, “The definition of insanity it doing the same thing over an over again an expecting a different result”. Good advice. Adding to that advice, is take SMALL STEPS towards change. Moving from a 2 in health to a 10 is so scary and new that we often can’t seem to create change. We often are stuck in ways of being and it gets so big to move at all. This is where the small steps come in. You can not lose 30 pounds in one night. Some steps and different habits are needed. Be gentle with yourself as you try new habits and allow them to take hold slowly……. How about a goal of loosing one pound a month? Break that down, how do I do that? Eat a pint of ice cream every night before bed? How about eating one bite less each day for a month? How about not beating yourself up eating that pint of Ben & Jerry’s and actually allow yourself to enjoy it before, during and AFTER you eat it? Couch potato? How about standing up during one commercial and walking in place to begin some exercise and go from there.

Today, I’m working on creativity. SO, I’m taking out the paints (I love to paint with my fingers) that are dusty in the closet and I’m going to paint something. I do not care what I paint, what it looks like, as long as I can keep my ego in check:) I’ll focus on the feeling of the paint on my fingers, what the canvas feels like, what the colors look like. That will be my small step towards feeling more creativity in my life!

Here is to making our “abundance wheels” roll a little bit smoother!

Internet news

We live in an interesting world these days when it comes to news and the internet. There is SO much available these days that its hard to sift through all of it first off and then no what is real and what is fake. I’m pretty out of the news loop living out of the country a good portion of the year and not having regular TV and I kinda like it that way. I think I’m a bit freer mentally that I don’t follow what the latest Trump statement of fact, fiction or expression of ego or what others have to say about those.  I’ll take more peace over more information any day.

I just watched a TED talk on the Russian  hack of the US election. Now, I do not watch enough news to know if this is a fact or not and I’m not sure why the heck I choose to watch it, however, what the possibility brings to light is now we can have very sophisticated COUNTRY’S disseminating fake news to the social media streams in a way to directly impact an outcome that they want! In a way that doesn’t seem fake and appeals to us individually or as a group. The speaker of the TED talk, Laura Galante, goes onto suggest that this is Russia trying to stir the pot in the US to get us to question democracy! Wow, if true, add that to the Facebook crowd that is trying to keep us on our devices more and more to keep their add revenue stream growing and it’s amazing we are not a bunch of zombies walking with our heads down on the way to the nearest communist headquarters sign up place. Anyway, I guess I’ll continue to be aware where my news is coming from and look for the people that actually have their faces up in the world rather than lost in space (facebook)!





True power is not about force or control…

Abundance guy - True power electricity hitting water

” Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. Most people do not understand that their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power.

Most people do not expect their path to great abundance to be one of ease and of joy. They have been taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice are requirements that must be met before the reward of great abundance can be realized. Most do not understand that the very struggle they deliberately involve themselves in, in their quest for success and advantage, actually works against them.

There are so many things that you have been taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way out. And that is the reason that we present this path of much less resistance.

We want you to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do. For your true power is experienced only from inside.” Jerry and Esther Hicks

I have experienced this first hand, when I push or force things to happen, I find it hard, difficult or a struggle as they stated in the quote above. The amazing thing was when I actually tried the other way by connecting deeper with myself and letting go of trying to control things or people around me to see it my way, I realized it was much easier and everything I needed was there…

For example, have you ever had the experience when you want something that when you let go of the outcome, you often get it? Think of a business situation or personal relationship where this has been true for you – remember that sale you really let go of and you got it or that relationship where you were true to yourself first and then it worked out for the best. This is the power of aligning with your inner understanding rather than being effected by the events or situation outside of you.


Stress isn’t bad for you, but believing stress is bad for you is

Interesting 15 minute Ted talk about Stress (you get the point in the first few minutes if your stressed for time:))

Most of us belief that stress is “bad” for us, right? Physically, mentally or emotionally in some way. At least enough so we try to “eliminate” a lot of stress. This short video by a stress/physiologist researcher flips that thought.

Since helping people change their beliefs is a big part of my practice, I love seeing this scientific evidence showing what your beliefs about stress are more important than actual stress. She goes onto to say if you have a “negative” view or belief about stress you can unlearn this and your body will respond and view stress as helpful!


Just ask

Asking for what I want is one of my favorite things in conversations I have learned to do more of. Wasn’t really easy at first, for a somewhat shy Midwestern boy, but I practiced and now I’m occasionally asking for some pretty big things. Things I would have never asked in the past. I still feel uncomfortable in certain situations, however, it just feels so much better to be honest with my feelings, intentions and desires. It’s so easy to fall in the trap of hoping the person your wanting something from is going to read your mind. Gosh, if you have been in a relationship long enough, you are supposed to be able to do that, right? Likely, that thinking will lead to disappointment and frustration as I haven’t met many mind readers that get it 100% right out there.

Of course, this doesn’t let us off the hook for being aware of the feelings the people in our relationships are giving off and “helping” them out now and then by checking in with their needs. But, be careful there, if you do this too much, then your trying to read the person so much it circles back to trying to figure out what they want. Though most of us likely don’t do this consciously, we often use some kind of manipulation to TRY to get want you want. If I do this, then can you do this or that for me? Or we go through some elaborate strategy or emotional drama to “guilt” someone into doing what we want. Hey, we have all done it. My view is let’s just clean it up with some honesty and trust that WE will be okay no matter what the outcome of our “asking” is.

Also, this doesn’t mean we always get a yes when we ask for what we want. We can still have some disappointment or frustration to work through, however, with your clear communication, it often leads to greater opportunities to talk about those things that are important to you or maybe work out a “yes” sometime in the future.


Just one breath

Abundance guy - growing your breath grows your abundance

In my abundance work,  where I assist others in creating their own unique abundant life, one of my key tools is a very powerful breath technique called Transformational Breathing.  However, I am still truly amazed by the power and effect of just one deep full belly breath provides every now and then to ones body.  For me, to slow down or stop everything I’m doing for just one deep breath is pretty easy for the wave of peace that usually comes with it.

As I’m writing this, I’m on an airplane, and after just one deep full breath I found that my shoulders relaxed, I felt a bit calmer and clearer after a number of days of traveling.  It is really great to remember your actual breath has incredible energizing and relaxing power.   Most of us take our breath for granted and do not realize it is our bodies most important fuel.   About 75% of our bodies fuel comes from the oxygen we take in!   So, a deep breath is literally bringing more fuel into the body with a side effect of relaxation.

Try it now, just one breath……. Close your eyes, take a breath, deep into your belly first then expanding your lungs as fully as you can and let the exhale just relax completely………… Do you notice any difference?

One breath is a great tool to remember any time whether your waiting in line, running late, anxious about a meeting, transitioning from work, after a stressful phone call or just after waking up.

Amazing, one breath!


It’s May…How are those new years resolutions going?

I read somewhere that 97% of new years resolutions fail. Not sure how someone comes up with a stat like that, but kinda makes sense to me. Usually, we have made large “resolutions”, sometimes even things we have been wanting to do for years. Fill in the “thing” for you. In tackling these resolutions, there can be some things that get in the way of creating new habits to lasting change, often emotions and old ways of thinking leading the list. What I have come to believe is that whatever we want to accomplish has a much better chance of working and lasting past January if we break down those resolutions into smaller steps.   Small steps often allow us to move through these emotions and old ways of thinking much slower so we allow ourselves time to adjust to our new habits. If your used to seeing yourself 30 pounds overweight, and you are unhappy about it, you have probably have an ongoing way of thinking about yourself when it comes to your weight. A story you, and others, may say over and over again. I am not a psychiatrist, however, even if you could lose 30 pounds in one day your thoughts of “old self” will not have lost “the weight”. When we take a new habit and break it down into smaller steps that are more easily achievable it helps keeps our negative thinking a bit more in check. Actually, there is a book on small steps I really like called “One small step can change your life” by Robert Mauer. He brings up what I have read in other places is that the part of our brain, the amygdala, that controls our fight or flight response is very sensitive to new things. Sensitive, in that it often senses fear in most new things, and will actually put up mental and emotional road blocks to doing the new thing. This part of the brain was a lot more useful when we were cave women and men where danger and death was often around the corner. It kept us from wandering too far, eating new things, leaving the cave at night. But now, most of us, really do not need to be as overly sensitive and the way we are designed has not caught up with the last 20,000 years or so. Actually, in my abundance work, I sometimes see people feel better about this (me too!), that their problems with integrating new habits have probably much more to do with the way we are designed than what we think is just our own lack of discipline.   To get around this “design flaw” Dr. Mauer recommends this small step strategy I’m eluding to. Make your steps to your goal so small that it keeps this part of our brain in check. For example, if your trying to loose 30 pounds, how about focusing on loosing one pound a month, if that is not scary to you. You keep the fear down, because the brain says, “wow, I don’t have to change my whole life right

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away, I can lose just one pound by doing this or that”. My personal one, is that I have been desiring to add more stretching to my daily routine. Right now, I’m doing 4 different stretches, 10 seconds each, every day. Only 40 seconds, my “brain” isn’t scared. Next step… I’m just leaving my yoga mat on the floor, as a visual reminder. Mostly I trip over it more than I do any stretches, but some days I do a bit more. Part of the practice is to give myself credit for these little steps. Of course, sometimes my negative thinking pops in and says negative crap or judges my small steps. I can’t control my thinking, so I let my brain think whatever it wants and practice choosing not believing those negative thoughts and just come back when I’m ready to pat myself on the back for my small steps. As a guide, if your not accomplishing a step you make for yourself repeatedly, likely your not making your steps small enough. What many people find with a small step practice is you allow momentum to build and you allow some of your old ways of thinking to slowly change so your habits are much more likely to be permanent. As the old proverb says:   a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Feel better by shifting your focus from problems to solutions

Focus on solutions instead of problems - Abundance Guy

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”


Read this quote somewhere and reminded me that when we are in our problems we are often focused so much on them, that our thinking becomes self fulfilling……Focus on problem, the problem remains, gets bigger or more problems surface…..When we are stuck in/on the “problem”, we are in the “energy” or thinking of that problem. We think over and over about the problem.  Play it over in our mind, again and again, I believe staying in the “problem energy”.

Let’s say we have a problem with a person that “created” a problem for you. What someone said or did. Staying in what was said or done, will not change anything of course. What was said or done is over and in the past. Talking consistently about it will only keep you in the situation of the past. That situation has an energy to it, like a vibration, and I believe affects not only your thinking, but your body and its health and vitality. Think of the difference you feel and your energy you have when you have a pleasant conversation versus an argument. One you feel fresh and light and the other drained, sometimes physically AND emotionally.

I Kinda like to think that each old thought of this “problem” as you are bring it (the thought of the problem) into the present like an anchor. Having to bring the thoughts (the anchor) of the past forward into the present. If we had no judgement on the issue, we would just move on, right? But, sometimes we instead carry the burdens of the past forward or we choose to be right versus happy and free. We love to blame things on others, it’s easy, their not there to speak the other side, so we talk about how THEY have affected our lives. It’s their fault. Of course, this gives our power away as now the problem can only get fixed if someones else does something. Good Luck on finding long term happiness when others actions determine your happiness!  I get caught up on that one personally sometimes. Also, we can be often be just unconsciously stuck in negatively. I occasionally see people that seem to like stress and negativity over peacefulness, almost like an addiction, without being aware of it.

In situations like I’m describing are conscious, we know where the “problem” came from, however, there are also unconscious thoughts and beliefs that we have built up over the years that we are repeating. It’s like we are in a circle or whirlpool that can be difficult to get out of without a new way of looking or thinking about the problem. Sometimes these “circles” can last for a long time, a lifetime, dragging the negative energy of the past into your present moment. In my breath work, I see this all the time. Energy that is stuck from old issues, literally stored in the body, even though the “mind” thought it has cleared the problem. The breath is just one tool that can help move this.

Another simple one, is to focus on solutions. Forget the past (easier said than done with our egos), and just focus on what you need to do NOW………..I am not saying to suppress or not feel emotions. Expressing emotions are healthy, getting stuck in those, in my opinion, is not. My view is, let your emotions move and complete and move on. I believe that can start by just the focusing and thinking about the solution over and over. Solution, solution, solution……Just that shift in awareness alone is so powerful. Maybe it will take some small steps to get started towards an eventual solution. I believe ANY small step can get progress flowing in the right direction.

I have a friend that had some health issues in the past and I always admired how she refused to see herself as “sick”. She focused on the solutions to her “issues” even when it was and sometimes is challenging for her when solutions were foggy. Among other things, she is just repeating to herself, “I am healthy”, over and over, again and again. She continues to improve to this day even though doctors do not really know what’s “wrong” with her. Our thoughts and actions are so powerful!

Like anything else its a practice and my clients and myself find we just feel better when we focus on the solution.




Big breath = Big Life

Want to change your life?

Discover the power in your breath.

That may sound like quite a statement, that discovering the power of your breath can change your life. However, I know from personal experience “learning” how to breath “better” myself and from 10 years as a facilitator and trainer of the Transformational Breath system it can and does. I have seen major life changes occur or begin to occur, a letting go of major traumas in an hour or two, a reduction in pain in the body or the elimination of it and just more joy over and over again in myself and others.

I have gravitated toward the Transformational Breath system in my life as I feel it’s been the most comprehensive system of the various breath modalities I have tried. It’s a balance of working with the physical body, the mental and emotional part of us and the spiritual side. Simply, we learn and practice bringing more air (life) in the body through this simple yet powerful technique. As we do that we are able to clear out what’s been in our mental “closets” for a long time, often without knowing what was in your “closet”. That’s great for me since I never did like to clean my room, let alone any closets! The result of a breath session is usually a greater sense of peace and connection to greater things.

I feel honored every time I’m able to share this trans-formative work. I love tools, like this one, that are simple and after you get the basics down, you can do by yourself. So, self healing, in a time, when we look for healing so much outside of ourselves for the answers within.
Transformational Breath is the fastest growing breath work on the planet right now and I’ll promise you, one of these days, you will hear about it on Oprah! Until then, you can read more about it at

My plug for my favorite breath work aside, there are many ways to open and practice breathing more fully. My invitation to you, is to find one that resonates and do it. There is just something so powerful yet simple about changing the way we take in our more important resource, our own breath, and so much growth available to us when we expand our breath.

7 Ways To Boost Your Happiness, According To Science

Found the below article going through some old “MindBodyGreen” emails. I’m always encouraged when studies come out offering to do what we already know is kinda common sense. Though, I like that we are studying these “common sense” things as it feels like we are disconnecting from some of our common sense skills at times and these studies pointing to greater happiness and less stress can be good reminders and adds some credibility to following common or maybe “uncommon” sense.

Happiness is an elusive goal; everyone seems to want it, but if it were easy to attain, the whole world would be happy and we wouldn’t need to keep searching for it.

Fortunately, some of humanity’s greatest minds have concerned themselves with the pesky problem of happiness, and they’ve actually come up with some practical tips on how the rest of us can get there.

Here are seven scientific ways you can change your life to make your days just a bit more joyful!

1. If you have a spiritual affiliation, practice it.

Though religion alone isn’t a great predictor of happiness, a study published in Frontiers In Psychology found that those who actively practiced their faith were happier than both those who had a religion but didn’t practice, and those who were nonreligious. This isn’t to say that you have to be religious to be happy, but if you DO have theological inclinations, you may want to make spirituality a habit.

2. Put down your cellphone (and don’t run back to check it).

You may anecdotally know that checking your phone 1,289 times per minute makes you a stressed-out banshee who demands more constant amusement than a 2-year-old, but a study out of Kent State University suggests that this is actually the case (though not in those words).

Researchers surveyed more than 500 students, finding that frequent cellphone use was associated with lower grades, higher anxiety and less happiness. Give Facebook a rest!

3. Don’t rely on external validation.

The key to happiness lies within. So says a study that examined the motivation and satisfaction levels of student-athletes at Stanford University. As the scientists expected, internal factors like mindfulness and self-esteem were better predictors of happiness than external ones like playing time and scholarships. Rather than expecting the outside world to make you happy, do some inner work.

4. Spend money on experiences, not things.

Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness per se, but if you’re going to spend money in search of satisfaction, splurge on an experience, not an expensive toy. A study in Psychological Science found that those who tended to spend their money on doing, as opposed to having, were better off in the long run. This effect was chalked up to the perceived superiority of anticipating an experience (like a trip) to anticipating owning an object (like shoes).

5. Eat your fruits and veggies!

This one’s easy! Your mother and MindBodyGreen have been telling you this for a long time, but now it’s time to hear it from the British Psychological Society. For the first time, researchers found a correlation between fruit and vegetable consumption, and happiness — an association that researchers claimed could not be explained solely by socioeconomic factors, exercise or weight. In other words, it’s not the result of eating fruits and vegetables that make you happy; the simple act of eating your greens IS happiness!

6. Practice gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful tool that may take time to hone, but a study published in the journal Emotion shows that over time, positive practices like expressing optimism and gratitude lead to more happiness, even compared with placebo.

7. Make an effort to be happy.

It sounds like mental gymnastics, but the act of trying to be happier — perhaps by attempting some of the suggestions above — can lead to a real boost in happiness.

Researchers asked groups of people to listen to “happy” music, but one group was asked to try actively to feel better while they listened … and they did! This effect occurred both after single listening sessions and over a two-week period, suggesting that making an effort to be happy can work both in the short term and the long run.

There may not be a formula for happiness, but with these tools in hand, you’re well on your way to filling each day with a bit more joy.