About me

What qualifies me to guide you on your financial and personal journey of abundance?

I grew up in St Louis, Missouri, went to college in Montana and moved to New York City to pursue a career in finance. My father and grandfather were both financial advisors, so I was accustomed to the idea of putting in long hours to earn a living.

And while I appreciated and admired the ethic of hard work, I was determined to lead a more balanced life; one that allowed me to explore and express all of my abilities and interests, and not just that of my profession.

Things came to a head one evening as I was standing in an elevator after working a 14 hour day. I was incredibly proud of how hard I had worked but at the same time I was bothered by the idea of “all work and no play.”

It was in that moment that I decided to let go of the idea that success could only come through putting in long hours. I was certain there was a better way to operate, a different approach I could take.

Once I was able to reprogram my belief system, I managed to create a completely different reality. I was suddenly able to achieve the same business results with far less effort. The change was phenomenal – I worked less and yet the business grew!

It was through my work as a Money Coach that I started to recognize the correlation between a client’s financial habits and those evident in all other aspects of their life. What value was placed on money? How easily did money flow in and out? And how responsibly was money being managed? It wasn’t just for  my clients that this correlation existed – it rang true for me as well.

Recognizing the importance of this work, I started to adopt a more holistic approach where the goal became creating abundance in all aspects of one’s life, and not just creating financial growth. These days the ultimate aim is to create a Positive Balance in all realms of one’s existence: financial, physical, emotional and spiritual, through the reprogramming of self-limiting beliefs.

In 1997, I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado where I worked as an Abundance consultant, Transformational Breathing Trainer and investment adviser. Today I divide my time between two homes – one in the sunshine and sea air of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico; and the other in Portland, Oregon.

I’m now someone who celebrates life on a daily basis – from my health, home and work life to relationships with friends, family and finances. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but because I’ve experienced the process firsthand, I am convinced that a holistic investment approach is the most beneficial way to go.