28-Day Abundance Journey



28-Day Abundance Journey

Flip your limiting money beliefs and create abundant new habits   

With 4 Stages, 7 Tools and 28 Days you can uncover the limiting money beliefs that are holding you back from financial freedom and flip those beliefs into positive new ways of creating the life you want.

Based on a scientifically proven 4-stage habit formula, this program is delivered to you by email for 28 days and requires only 10 to 20 minutes each morning. Yet in less than a month you will develop an easy-to-follow daily practice of self-awareness that not only reprograms your habitual patterns of behavior but also drives you towards your financial freedom.

The 4 Stages of Your Daily Abundance Journey

Stage 1. Prepare yourself for the road ahead with 7 powerful tools you will need to complete your abundance journey. After the first week you will be equipped with a toolkit comprising a breath technique, abundance mantra and powerful methods that access your old programing and flip your limiting beliefs for good – plus tools that will help you create your new reality like the F.A.S.T bank account and small-step abundance strategy.

Stage 2. With your newfound money belief you can now go up against the old beliefs and judgments that have been standing in your way. This is where you learn to recognize limiting behaviors and begin the change that will transform your life.

Stage 3. Now you’re having fun, discovering your financial freedom and developing a range of constructive new habits that make you more creative with your feelings, actions, speech and thoughts.

Stage 4. This is where your new belief about yourself and money begin to feel like a natural part of you. Through celebrating your wins you will reinforce the powerful and sustainable change you need to generate abundant habits that drive your life new. 

Change your experience with money and improve your financial abundance with the 28-Day Abundance Journey today



“I realized I had an old belief of not accepting all the abundance in my life now. It’s was like this nagging thought of “who am I, to receive all this” and I would beat myself up for it. When I read the daily mantra the program provides in the course, that old belief flipped instantly and now I feel I deserve all the beauty my life is now! What an amazing gift this program has been for me.”
Maria West

“While I was doing the 28 day abundance journey and I had two new job opportunities come to me out of the blue. I know it is because of my change in thinking the program walks you through. For me it really clicked, to become aware of how negative I was thinking and speaking to others around my finances and to take the responsibility to flip my thoughts and words that are inline with what I want. For me, it was so simple, but so powerful!”
Wyatt, Accountant

“Working with John Woods and his abundance program has been the best thing that has happened to me in the last years. It became an easy tool for changing my energy and to start living more abundance. For years as a Yoga Instructor I have been reading tons of information, work in seminars and still couldn’t be able to realize that big change in my life. It was too much, I didn’t know where to start creating the change, I felt lost and afraid again and again. As soon as we start working one on one, I discovered my old limitting patterns and realized how deep they have been stucked in my subconscious, this step was objective and clear for me. I new there was a lot to keep working on, by magic I went through the 28 day program catching my self thinking over and over, “I already have enough” ” I always spend more than I have”, etc.
I just loved the F.A.S.T bank account which takes you step by step, making progress each day. Working through it, made me realize how easy it is to change my mind set when I am aware of it. It is easy, fast and super fun. I have been starting to introduce it to my kids. I am happier since then, struggling less every day, using the same program on different aspects in my life. Feeling grateful, joyful, confident, sleeping better and with money in my pocket. The 28 abundance program is a must for each one of us. Thank you , thank you, thank you John Woods.”
Adriana, Yoga Instructor

“It is incredible to understand what you unconsciously believe about money and worse, not realising how it is driving you! I am truly grateful to John for helping me understand about the power of my subconscious and how you don’t have to believe what your thinking! The 28 Day Journey has been a fun way to discover ways to overcome your limitations and discover new ways of being. I loved it!”
Michelle Wood, Personal Brand and Business Coach .