The phone

As I have written before, many of us are using our smart phones a bit too much. So much that I think a lot of people have glued their phones to their hands. It never leaves.

Below is a 5 minute video on how the brain is handles the distractions that come with all the notifications and emails we receive. Nothing we haven’t already heard about or know. Lot’s of research showing we are getting more stressed out by being on call 24 hours a day and constantly being interrupted.

An idea – Take email and or facebook off your phone and put it on your computer. How will I live you say? I’m not sure, but you will probably make it and I’m suggesting a week. Like a vacation….. But, I will miss connecting with my friends, I am needed too much, I can’t do that for my work. Of course, exceptions to everything, but many people find it more satisfying to get their social media fix, for example, with intention and focus rather than bit and pieces throughout the day. If social media is your thing, an hour at the computer you probably will get your fix for the day. Social media is really entertainment for many and kinda the same as other forms of entertainment like watching TV. So, just do it in bigger chunks like watching a TV show. That may make you a bit more present and able to connect and focus better with family, friends, work, ect where you are actual physically present (see 4 people at a restaurant and all 4 are on the phone).

If you can’t get ride of email for work or why ever, try responding 3/4 times a day, in batches, rather than the instant one comes in. People have gotten used to email being this instant communication tool when it’s really not always the best for it. Great for setting up an appointment or a quick message, but maybe not the best for handling a sticky situation or really finding out how someone is doing. I hate to say it, but actually speaking with someone is WAY better. So much less chance for misunderstanding and opportunities to connect at a less superficial level. Also, seems we don’t fly off the handle as much when we are actually talking to someone. A 4 minute phone call can sometimes avoid a back and forth series on emails (or texts) that require way more time than the actual phone or face to face chat (we still do that, right?).

If anyone else has some ideas, please share them.

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