Silent Power

This is from one of my favorite author’s, Stuart Wilde. I thought it was a good reminder.

“Trying to win people over and hoping the world will accept you for your wonderfulness is futile and weak. It destroys your real power; the stress of it can make you ill. Even if you get what you want, it rarely lasts. Today’s success becomes tomorrow’s rejection. Leaning psychologically is a fault; it undermines what you are. Gradually you become a manifestation of other people’s reality – subject, of course, to all their fickle whims, moods, and power trips. By accommodating the ego in this way, you drift from the real spiritual you that dwells within – which is contained and solid – to a fake you that is brittle, self indulgent, and powerless.

You can tell people how marvelous you are, and a hundred others can sing your praises and pump your worth, but that is all PR and hype. In the end, you’re the only worth the etheric feeling you exude; everything else is illusion and dysfunction.

If you want to be accepted, accept yourself. If you want to be acknowledge, acknowledge yourself. Simple.”

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