I wrote this a while back and thought I’d share it again…

Wow, change is sometimes not easy sometimes.

I had to have some challenging communication with a few friends over the past few days after realizing some ways I was staying in some unhealthy patterns that I felt do not serve me now.  It really felt freeing to get my part of the communication out and to move forward. Just after one such “communication”, I read Peter Ragner’s comments below and I really agree with what he says that there is a “peace that’s comes from being okay with the changes and challenges we face”. For me, it’s allowing my growth (change) to occur as it does and not beat myself up along the way even if my lesson took a decade or so.


Without change, no life can exist.”

Everything that you can cast the light of your eye upon is in flux. This includes your emotions, your thoughts, and your physical body. While we want to be comfortable and safe, we must face unpredictability. It’s really what gives life its zest. Living life is about living outside your comfort zone. That’s where all the action is!

“Peace comes from being okay with the changes and challenges we face in life.”

Every day we’ll be faced with something new and different, requiring that we often make tough decisions about situations. It’s very difficult to make those decisions when we feel we’ve got to be in control of the outcome or we suffer with some perfectionist hang-up. To accept that things change is to understand the nature of life. Change and impermanence are simply the nature of the things we all experience.

What makes you think that the future is going to be any different than today? Oh, certainly, conditions may be different, but if your mental makeup is the same, your emotional response will be the same. Once you accept and are okay with change and impermanence, realize security is an illusion, and grasp that perfect conditions will never exist in your life, you enter into a state of joyous awareness.

“Serenity is found in accepting what is before you in this moment.”

Remember, things will always change for better or worse, and it’s your demanding or acceptance that makes a world of difference.  Change the things you can change and forget the things you can’t. No one expects you to be perfect; if they do, have compassion on their suffering souls. Only the deluded command that the tides no longer rise upon the shore and the winds no longer blow.

So, what should you do with discomfort? Accept it, knowing that this too shall pass!
Reflections from Turtle Lake,

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