Here are a few quotes from the book “Vortex” by Ester and Jerry Hicks. I have always liked their writings as their message is really pretty simple. So simple that they usually say the same thing over and over again in different ways and stories. A really good way to integrate their work.

“..the only way you can get rid of the things you don’t want is to give attention to the things you do want”

So simple and powerful to shift the focus. It’s so easy to fall in the trap of to keep thinking about the “negative” or things you don’t want. It seems we have a culture in the west of lack and a good dose of entitlement, I need this, I need that. But, its fine to want or need, but to do so from lack will not bring you those things.

I believe we actually have this “abundance bank account” that will be positive or negative depending on our positive or negative thoughts, feelings and actions. You can not attract things you want if for every positive thought or desire is offset with a negative thought or belief. Just like 1-1=0! Also, focusing on what you don’t have is the same thing as a negative thought as your putting out the energy of lack. This can be really hard as to align with the law of attraction as in practice as the Hicks say:

“you have to think the thought (of what you want) until it becomes reality, you must think it before you see it”.

What I have noticed is that people don’t understand this and/or have a challenge in creating the discipline to retain their thinking in this way. Also, I have noticed there is a patience one needs to have when working with this law, especially at first. Some people can actually have a negative “bank account” built up that may take some time to convert to positive (with more positive thoughts and actions). This can led to frustration and disbelief, which of course, fuels the negative side of the “bank account” again. However, with some patience you will get over the “negative” savings account and you will find the things you desire coming to you faster and faster. It’s cool to see you have way more power than you think!

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