AI 1.0

We are seeing more and more push back on the big technology companies in the past year or so and it seems to be growing. I think it is well deserved. I am a fan a capitalism, but it seems companies like Facebook and Google seem to have grown a bit out of control and unchecked. I get it, Facebook is the greatest advertising machine ever invented and has a couple of billion users to work with. Unlimited computer power with algorithms, behavioral prediction, ect or what I’ll call, artificial intelligence, combined with a smart phone in every pocket or a computer in every home has made targeting ads to each one of us possible. No surprise Facebook and Google have relatively quickly grown into two of the largest companies in the world. It is nirvana for advertisers! Facebook started and still is a way to connect us all and share pictures and communicate with friends, family and beyond, but people have figured out how to use data to get around civil liberties, impact elections, allow hate groups to spread messages and other important unintended consequences. Google is worth looking at too as it is probably worth seeing if we all agree that it is okay to scan, keep, buy, sell all our emails, browsing history, location, banking, health data, ect.

I am not saying that these are bad tools, just these tools and they way they regularly manipulate us, as consumers (likes, dings, customized ads, ect), are so much more powerful than the “regular” manipulation TV and newspapers advertisers use. It is hard to say these guys are not media companies and I know free speech arguments make the debate challenging, but if they were media companies there would be held to a higher standard and held accountable. Far from it right now. These tools are too powerful to have their leaders say “we are not responsible for content on our platforms”. Could a network get away with that?

Social media for all its good has an ugly side and may actually be creating less connection and more isolation in addition to some real harm. Of course, some of that is on us, but it seems AI 1.0 has gotten a bit out of control and with more powerful AI coming, it might be best to learn some lessons from this one.

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  1. FAGA (facebook-apple-google-amazon) they are not part of a capitalist system. They born in and with it, but their reach goes far and beyond being part of a system. There are about to become in the new TECHNOCRACY of this century. From now on they have the power to do whatever they want, especially now with Facebook launching their own cryptocurrency LIBRA. This is already far and beyond our own imagination. They already have the power and they go for all. Just to know that with the computer power that today each one of those big tech companies they can control whatever they want, the speed of processing they are managing is way ahead of human possibilities and capabilities, and they harvested. And I believe we are far away from we “having the power to make a choice” they are doing choices for us already” we just don’t know it yet. The next step for societies is to start working in a “civil economy” that use to be the foundation of capitalism, where the power was among a large and the same groups of society. I don´t believe the Internet and hi-tech companies can handle all by themselves, all of them need human power, human habilities and human creativity. So at the end I believe that Tech companies need to be closer to the people than far from them, and i mean close in every single way, not only to drain their money…

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