Accepting gifts

There are a lot of ways that life can send us abundance.  We can, of course, start with the basic things we need to survive like air, water and food and move from there.

However, I was reminded about the simpler gifts recently.  Someone had given another a gift and the receiver rejected it in kind of a harsh way. Details aside, I saw the look on the giver’s face and I think it hurt them, especially since the way I read the gift was really just coming from love.  I’m in the camp never to reject a gift because it’s really just energy or abundance coming to me. I accept it with gratitude no matter how “bad” the actually physical gift maybe. It may seem small, but I feel rejecting a gift or even something as small as a compliment can over time limit the “abundance” that flows to you. Receiving is sometimes a bit trickier than you think if you really pay attention and exercising receiving the many small daily “gifts” is like keeping the opening to abundance open and growing it.

Who doesn’t want more abundance? Remember abundance shows up as much more than gifts. Love, health, friendship are other parts of our overall abundance. So, say thank you to that compliment and really take in for a second rather than deflecting it right away as many of us do (this took a lot of practice for me to get). In my example, if the gift is not something for me, I can always pass it on.

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