Feeling Abundant

Okay, Eckhart Tolle style can take some getting used to, but I find when I listen to him, I seem to always learn something. I have his “A New Earth” book on CD and I listen to it once a year or so. Every time I hear something “new”. Sometimes, I swear to myself, he never said that before……

Below is a 3 minute video on him talking about abundance and I just love when he suggests that “there is no abundance without the feeling of abundance”.  A pretty simple concept, but to me, profound. In each moment, I can chose to feel abundance in some way or another and it just is there. When I think of some reason not to feel abundant, which is ongoing, my practice is to just go back to the feeling of some abundance I have now and peace and happiness just are there like they never left, which of course, they didn’t, I kinda just changed the channel with my thinking.