Don’t take anything personally

I love the book the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (its one of the books in my “inspiration” tab on my website). Really simple and yet very powerful. I haven’t read the book in a while, but I have a deck of his cards that have one of each of the agreements and a sentence or two about them. I like to now and then pick one and I usually always get something out of the review.

One of the cards “Don’t take things personally”, his second “agreement” caught my attention over the last few days. He defines the second agreement as…

“Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality…. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

I noticed and thought about how powerful this is. I have definitely gotten better at not taking things personally, but boy it is hard sometimes. I think the bottom line is that when one has a “need” to be accepted, this is when one can really be effected by the opinions of others.

I find that because I am confident and like who I am and am at peace with the way I am, then I do not really care if someone says “John, I don’t like your clothes, you’re too skinny, too fat, you should live this way or that, etc”. Everyone is really only expressing their own individual beliefs and opinions, based on their views and interpretations of their life experiences.

So, it does not make sense to take on an other’s criticism or opinions when it really has nothing to do with you?

Ruiz says in the book when you take these things on as true, your accepting poison from another. I like to think of “poison” as the emotional garbage someone else is throwing out. I certainly like the practice not being the trash can for anyone!

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  1. / Kyle,this is great information to place on one’s mind. I can see how being aruond people who have nothing better to do with thier time than belittle others, can have some affect.We have choices and in this life you must surround yourself with people going places. People who have and see the good in any given situation. You learn for life and not take the words of others to heart. Those who go through life looking for people to give them confidence are the same who put themselves aruond people who are negative 97% of the day. You hear them, O’Boy this is my friend from when I was or I new her all my life and I can’t believe.Let’s get real and grow up. You control your environment. Change it and move on. Let those who have negative feelings and habbits unchanged that holds their growth and make you stumble, be by themselves. You can only pray for them, Amen.You should focus on what your core beliefs are and write down you game plan. Get with people of purpose. Ones who have what you want and willing to mentor you in the duplication process. This is not something your going to get out of a book, tape or other device. You have to get out and experience these amazing areas out here waiting for you to take hold and grow.I only situate myself with people of passion and purpose. I pray for others who are stuck in time, as I call it. I have no time to waste on anything that doesn’t make me feel good. I only choose being happy and sharing that full love with others. Giving my time and energy helping people achieve greatness as they determine it to be. How about focusing on all the needs of others and making ways to solve them. You will not have anytime to waste on negative junk. You will bring joy to so many others your heart will overwhelm with power. You will brighten up every place your present at.Kyle, your one of our visonaries in this industry. You have many fruitful years ahead and understand that some people you just must let go and move forward. Thank you for this awesome share, and I look forward in watching you soar.William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..

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