Changing habits

7  Reasons why most of us fail to change our habits:

1.     We are unconsciously programmed with a different habit

2.     Fear, fear, fear

3.     Our brain blocks it

4.     We take steps that are too big

5.     We get overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts

6.     We lack compassion with ourselves

7.     We rather choose to create excuses


I think number 4 is the place to start if your stuck in a rut or having a hard time adding a new habit to your life. Taking small steps that allows you to SLOWLY build new habits actually can help with a bunch of the other points on this list or others you may have on your personal list. Taking a small step is less scary, right? Taking a small step that is easy to complete builds some momentum and can build confidence in ourselves, right? We are less likely to get overwhelmed when we look at the end result of the new habit, say losing 30 pounds, compared to as it just a small simple step of not eating ice cream one day a week or walking around the block. The excuses are a bit “harder” to make when you make steps smaller. “All I have to do today is walk around the block….well, i can do that, it will only take 4 minutes”.

Is there a habit you want to do that you have been putting off? Is there one small thing towards that habit or goal that you can do right now no matter how small it is?