Getting off the front lawn

“Anything you hide in the basement  has a way of burrowing under the house  and showing up on the front lawn”.

Howard Sasportas

Classic quote which we kinda all seem to know, but we often don’t do anything to keep it from happening or we just do not see our part in it. It takes some courage or discipline to tackle some things that we really do not want to. I kinda read this quote thinking of the bigger things. For example, not communicating your TRUE feelings on an issue with a friend or family member. Our thinking maybe why stir up the conflict? We say, “I really think I can let it go, it’s not that important”. Usually, this is our growth opportunity talking to us in the moment. It seems that “life” won’t let you get away with not doing it anyway. We seem to attract more and more of the same type of situation or the one gets bigger and bigger. Of course, we often say it’s not our fault and it is so much easier to play the blame game. But, the situation doesn’t go away and stress builds mentally and physically and we can actually get sick not moving forward!  Also, eventually, even inevitably, it blows up in your face in some way and it’s now in the middle of the front lawn.

I have had my share of time on the front lawn. But, as I began to look for patterns in my challenging situations and discovering what I had the power to do with those by adding some courage to do something “new”,  I noticed I stopped getting the same lessons over and over. People that were “challenges” stopped being that way or just moved out of my life completely. Sometimes it was subtle and I noticed the change in hindsight and sometimes the sense of relief and freedom was immediate.

Of course, It doesn’t mean that a particular situation is gone forever, now and then, usually when I’m a bit out of balance, I may “attract” an old pattern. But, I have found, with practice, I’m a bit more self aware and I catch some patterns quicker than in the past.