How’s your “thought” bank account around money?

I hear the use of affirmations recommended a lot these days, that’s its important to think positive to make changes.  A good start, however, if we want more money in our life, for example, positive thinking alone usually doesn’t have enough power to create a change. The reason we haven’t attracted the money we desire in the past is usually a old belief that is blocking monetary abundance from flowing to us. We can consciously or more often unconsciously create our own “wall” that blocks money from coming. Of course, helping people become aware of their walls and helping with the tools to tear it down is what I love to do.

Usually, the first thing I have people do, is become aware of what their “thought” bank account around money looks like. That is, regarding money, are you thoughts predominately negative or positive? If you are predominately thinking negative thoughts about money like; “I don’t have enough”, “I’ll never have enough”, “I’m poor”, “I hate rich people”,  “You have to work hard to get money”, “I can’t afford that”, it is very difficult to actually attract money and you likely have a negative “thought” bank account built up. With these statements (some of which are beliefs) is that you are actually pushing money away! You need a positive “thought” bank account to attract money. So, I like to have people beginning to monitor their money “thought” bank account and then start to make positive entries or deposits into it as they become more aware of their thinking. That’s where the affirmations come in. When you notice a negative thought, as soon as you can, rethink a new positive one, as a replacement. Instead of “I can’t afford that” you could say “I’m going to choose to pay my rent rather than buy that” or “I think I will purchase that in the future”. Notice the difference in feeling around these or your own statements you create. It may seem subtle, but I feel the shift is bigger than you think. Also, in practice this may feel weird or even a little fake at first, but just try it a few times and see how it feels. This is reprogramming in action and one simple way to begin tearing down that “wall”.

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