How to get your oxygen levels up

I teach a breathing technique called Transformational Breath (TB). See my website under the “tools” tab or the TB website for more details. The primary goal of the technique is to get more oxygen in the body, for which there are many benefits, that I won’t go into now. However, I had a great reminder of the power of the technique today. I had a call from a friend that had just had his gall bladder taken out. He was laying in a hospital bed a few days ago, with his oxygen level at 80 and the doctors were saying “you aren’t getting out of here until your oxygen levels go up”!  I had facilitated him in the Transformational breathing technique a few times about 4/5 years ago. When he heard this from the doctors, he instantly knew what he had to do. He said to them “I know what to do!” Forty minutes of TB breathing later, his levels were at 100 and they let him out of the hospital shortly there after! It brought a tear to my eye to have shared a tool that helped him in that moment when he was scared and not feeling very well. He said after that experience he has been using the technique daily to help him stay calm and oxygenated.

For me this breathing technique and mediation have been the two most powerful, trans formative tools in my life. If you want a tool that easy to learn for managing stress, giving you more energy, more joy or just overall better health please consider investigating the Transformational Breath technique.