Every now and then I really like going through my iTunes music library and listening and creating a new playlist or just listening to some songs I haven’t heard in a while. To me, its really fun and creative thing to do. I have collected a lot of music from family and friends over the years and sometimes I play music from my library that I never knew I had or totally forgot about.  Last time I did this, I found some classic rock oldies like; “Joy to the world” by 3 Dog Night and “Magic carpet ride” by Steppenwolf. Hearing these, I was immediately transported back to my friend Kurt’s basement where our gang would hang out as teenagers and play ping pong and pool and crank tunes for hours. Fond memories.

I like having playlists to fit my moods and what I’m doing, whether it is for a breath session or music to relax to. I created a playlist of a band called O.A.R. a year or so ago after my friend, Elizabeth, recommended them to me. So, over the last year its been an easy way to remind myself to listen to them and they have become one of my favorites these days. In fact, I’m heading to their concert on Friday in Denver to celebrate my birthday week! If you never heard of O.A.R., they are a rock/jam band. My favorite song of there’s is “That was a crazy game of poker” live version. for me, its fun and happy with a catchy beat and a perfect long summer song. I have pasted the album cover next to this blog entry. Enjoy!