Heading out to relieve stress

Playing out in nature has been apart of my life since I was a child. I was fortunate as a child to have woods out my back yard to roam and play in. From feeling my hands in the dirt to playing make believe, nature was grounding, expansive and full of freedom for me. Many years later, it still is that way now. When my mind get busy, I like to go for a walk or a bike ride outside to clear my head and get some clarity. At times, it just relieves some stress or allows for a bit more clarity on how I am feeling and what i am thinking?

Also, exercising outside is great as there are less distractions. Try leaving the Ipod/i phone at home if you heading out for a walk or jog. Try notice any differences?  Sure is nice “disconnecting” from everyone else sometimes in this “connected” world and just being with me. For me, I can sometimes get too “connected”  with other people and tasks that need done and and I begin to loose my connection to the more important things. Nature is one of my re-connecting zones.

I am fortunate where I live, nature is on my doorstep, so its harder to make excuses to NOT go outside. When I have lived in cities, it can take a bit more effort. Though, sometimes I even will “make” myself take a step outside and just take a few breaths when life is so busy or I’m feeling low in energy.  Just a few breaths outside will release some stress.   Sometimes a few breaths will turn into walking around the block and more stress reduction or a reminder how awesome and beautiful nature is.   A tree, a flower, the sky, the smells, colors, ect. Its all there whether in the city or country.

So take your time to appreciate nature through my eyes, I decided to take you out with me on one of my latest bike rides……just sit back watch and notice how your body reacts or how your breathing pattern changes by just watching this video…..feel better? imagine this was you……your chance……just one thing – go for it!